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My name is Temi and I LOVE traveling! I took my first international trip when I was 6 weeks old. Though I have no recollection of that trip, it still counts, right?

I’ve been to 36 countries and counting, and have learned a thing or two about traveling.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but I was one of those travelers always brought too much stuff and yet somehow still managed to look completely frumpy!

Things turned around for me while I lived in Ethiopia for work. One of my Ethiopian colleagues asked me why do foriegners always dress so poorly, pointing to my harem pants and faded t-shirt. She said that people did not take me seriously.

That was my A-HA! momenet. I realized that what you wear impacts your travel experience. Now I dress the part when I travel. I’ve been complimented on my wardrobe and even recived a flight upgrade. I noticed that I look better, feel better, and have had wonderful experiences as a result.


The popularity of women traveling brought me to share my love for how you can look good while traveling without spending a million bucks on clothing and on checked bag fees.

This blog focuses on best women travel clothes and travel gear. I hope the content I provide will help you make the best travel purchases for your next trip.

Within the site you’ll find details on how to pack light and how to pack stylish. I’ll share with you information on where you can find key items so that for your next vacation that you will look like a million bucks.

Happy jetsetting!


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