Nail care tips and tricks
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If eyes are windows to the soul then nails are the window dressings! You can tell a lot about who a person is by the way they keep their nails. It’s tempting to let everything relax while you’re on vacation, including your own nail care. This article will talk about how you can maintain salon perfect nails on vacation.

Nail care tips and tricks

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

Take care of your hand health before you leave

One of the one of the things that I really struggle with is brittle nails. I notice that sometimes my nails chip or break easily. When I’m traveling I know that I’m going to be putting my nails through a lot of wear and tear especially. I tend to bring a suitcase for my carry-on. Between picking up my bag putting it into overhead storage and just all about lugging my stuff around town my nails don’t get the same rest that I do on vacation.  Taking care of my hands in the days and weeks leading up to any big trip has made the biggest difference.

I’m now at the stage where even nail technicians compliment me on the strength of my nails! Here are some things that worked for me especially if you have any of the following issues: peeling nails, thin brittle nails, hang nails, and splitting nails.

    • Start taking vitamins – I now take a women’s daily vitamin with folic acid, zinc, and calcium. I also take a chewable Biotin in cherry flavor. my favorite used to be Lilibe’s prenatal vitamin with 800 mcg of folic acid, but Amazon no longer carries them. Something like Vitamin Code will do.

  • Drink a lot of water – I am the worst at making sure i get enough water each day . But I realize that when I started hydrating more my nails started looking better and my skin didn’t feel as dry around the nails.
  • Limit exposure to chemicals – Even though I live in a very equal marriage , I still end up doing a lot of cleaning. I realize that I’m constantly submerging my hands in water. When I know that i have a trip coming up I tried to limit the exposure that my nails might have to0 harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. I do this by trying to use gloves more regularly.

Nail length – Keep them short!

I love having long nails but when I travel keep him short. This makes it a lot easier to avoid getting sick by reducing the chances for grime and dirt to find a home under my nails.

Short nails allow me to move my bags and luggage without have to worry about breaking a nail or hurting myself while on vacation. How many times have you gotten your nails done only to have your nails or polis chip while moving your suitcase? This is why I’m a fan of the shorter the better #shortnails.

Wash your hands 

To keep your hands and you healthy while on vacation make sure you wash your hands. 

Nail Care tips and tricks

Photo by Sabine van Straaten on Unsplash

I can practically hear you groaning. I know everyone knows that they need to wash their hands, but few of us actually do so.  According to the CDC fewer than us are actually washing our hands after using the bathroom (31%of men and 65%of women). So I am constantly washing my hands while on vacation.  I know this is a pain, but think of all of the things that you’re going to touch as you get to your final destination:knobs, buttons, the escalator railing, door handles, airplane touch screen, etc. This leads me to my next point:

Always carry hydrating lotion on you.

I know that constant hand washing is drying so I always try to keep a travel-sized hand lotion on me. I snag some from the pharmacy, or pump some high quality lotion into a small travel bottle.  I like Neutrogena or Saint Ives. You really want to make sure that you’re able to keep the flexibility of your nails. This will help avoid breaking and cracking that we talked about earlier.


Pack the right tools for your nails

Heaven knows that I am a supporter of bringing less stuff . However when it comes to nails there are so many things that I bring that don’t take up a lot of room. If you want to maintain your travel manicure, you  want to have the right tools on hand.

The basic items I recommend:

  • Nail polish remover -pretty much for nail polish remover I try to go with a brand that is acetone free . I find this to be a lot less dry drying for my skin. Remember acetone is pretty strong stuff. 100% acetone will remove everything, including moisture from your nail bed.  If you’re not able to find acetone free remover, you really want to make sure that you’re limiting how much exposure your skin gets too 100% acetone.
  • Cotton balls and wipes – I prefer cotton face pads to cotton balls. I know that at the end of the day, they both do the same thing. But I like then better, to use are the circle ular flat face wipes for my nails. I’ve discovered was traveling are these all in one nail polish remover pads. I first found it in a gift shop in Botswana I think. It was from a Chinese company and it smelled like cherry. I. But I thought of how ingenious it was to have everything all in one without having to bring separate remover and cotton balls and wipes. It looks like L.A. Colors might  have a line.
  • Nail brush – This is the one item very few people think to pack. When I am at home, I use an old toothbrush to remove gunk from under my nails. You can also find an inexpensive nail brush at a dollar store.  Related to my earlier point about handwashing. The nail brush is my next hand health go-to.
  • Nail files – These are the basic items that you should have. You’ll have to be careful about your nail files especially of bringing metal ones. A number of people have mentioned not being able to bring the pointy metal nail files with them as carry on. They get flagged by airport security.For that reason I recommend either bringing nail files that are made of glass or a general emery board.  If you forget to bring a nail file, they are pretty standard items in most countries. I’ve been able to find nail files on just about all of my trips.
  • Nail Clippers –I also bring small nail clipper while on vacation. They really do allow me to save time from having to do a lot of filing. They also come in handy when I pack a new item of clothes and forget to take the tag off. I’ve used nail clipper to cut through the plastic tab thingy.
  • Nail glue – this is for those that wear artificial nails or ever press on nails. Last thing you want is for a nail to pop off and have now way to getting it back on.

When I am going on a trip I throw my nail care items into a Ziploc bag and voila, I know that my nails will be good to go. What about you? How do you take care of your nails when you travel?




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