Fourth of July Nails
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Your Independence Day Outfit! How to look good this 4th of July

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, this article will help you help be dressed to have the most Star-spangled fun!

Fourth of July is here! According to AAA
this July 4th weekend is going to be a record-breaker. More than 48.9 million people are traveling this long weekend.

We’re part of those that will be taking on air travel. This weekend my family and I are going to be heading down to Florida. I put together some tips to help you out.

Planes! trains! Cars!

Traveling by car

This weekend more than 41.4 million Americans are going to be filling up their cars and hitting the roads! Chances are that if you’re traveling this weekend you’re going to be going by road.

If you’re traveling by road then you definitely want comfortable clothing that is stretchy and comfortable for the long car rides.

Women’s Tops I recommend you pair a lightweight cotton top with legging bottoms. However, if you are co-pilot and the driver likes to keep things extra frosty you’ll definitely want to pack layers.

Temperatures tend to drop late at night so you’ll want to make sure that you bring something with sleeves that you can wear once the sun goes down. I generally pack a zip-up hoodie or a lightweight sweater.

Fancy footwear

You’ll definitely want something that is slip-on and slip-on off. You’ll want to avoid laces so that you can relax on these large long car rides. My favorite items are Isabella Crocs. I picked up a pair years ago in Coral and find them to be the most comfortable and versatile shoe. They even double as water shoes too! Great If you’ll be by the lake or poolside.

Traveling by plane

About 3.96 million of us will be traveling airplane this weekend. While these numbers aren’t as large as those of us will be traveling by car, it’s still significant. Bring things that will help you get you through security in a jiffy. I tend to wear outfits that have no metal and shoes that also have no/few laces. This ensures that I get through security in time so that I can kick off my weekend vacation right.

As with the automobile for the airplane you’ll definitely want to make sure that you’re not wearing clothing that’s too constricted.

The United States and Europe are both experiencing record high temperatures. Chances are wherever you go, you will be heading towards somewhere warm.

With the large volume of people traveling, ensure that you pack everything into a carry-on.

You don’t want to risk your suitcase getting lost because you checked it in.

Here’s my favorite YouTube video on packing light and bringing everything you need in a carry-on bag.

Train, bus travel (cruise too!)

If you’re traveling by train, bus, or cruise, you have a little more flexibility with what you to bring.

These modes of transportation’s tend not to have as many restrictions on luggage as airplanes. Though I am #teamcarryon all the way, using these modes of transportation means that you get to sit back and relax with as much stuff as you please. The items that I would prioritize are making sure that I pack something to entertain me for the long rides. Load up your iPad
or your Kindle with books and movies and your favorite shows. Make sure that you bring your chargers.

With these forms of travel, you definitely should pack layers, and a neck pillow– ideally memory foam. Unlike cars and flying out of an airport, you can’t easily stop to pick up the items you need if you forget them.

You’ll definitely want to pack a small bag of snacks. Some trains have snack cars, but this is not guaranteed. Bring portable, healthy, and filling snacks for the long ride. Here’s a good video on how to do so.

Easy Nail Art for 4th of July
Now ladies let’s say that you also want patriotic nails for a splash of panache.

Whether you just do one accent nail or decide to do your whole hand you can make sure that your nails also reflect the holiday spirit. Here are two YouTube Videos that explain how to do easy red white and blue nails, quickly

If you don’t have red, white or blue nail polish, head over to your local pharmacy. CVS, RiteAid, and Walgreen all have holiday hours and are open partially for 4th of July. You can always pick up Wet n’ wild polish for 99 cents to $1.99 per bottle. You can also head to your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Genera for inexpensive red, white and blue nail polish. You should not pay more than $3 to make sure that you’ve got some spirit

Top 10 Destinations this Weekend
AAA, put together a list of top places people will be traveling to this weekend.

I took a look at the weather in each of those locations for the long weekend and suggest a few must have items for your trip.

Orlando, Florida – You might want to bring an umbrella

Honolulu, Hawaii – Bring an umbrella

Seattle, Washington – pack a sweater for the evening.

Las Vegas, Nevada – pack an empty water bottle and sunscreen

Anaheim, California – bring a sweater for evening

New York, New York – bring an umbrella

Boston, Massachusetts – bring an umbrella

Maui, Hawaii – bring an umbrella

Anchorage, Alaska – bring a sweater for evening

Chicago, Illinois – Bring an umbrella

Women: Red white blue outfits for you!

Getting ready for 4th of July means picking a color scheme. Luckily this holiday has a theme built into it. I am not a fan of buying holiday specific items. Instead, I use clothing that I already have on hand to pull together outfits. I plan on reusing item I already have.

Outfit ideas:

Red: Red doesn’t have to be literal. I grab a red tee shirt, necklace, or earrings,

White: most of us have white tee shirts, or at a minimum, white socks. Here a few ways you can make red, white, and blue socks

Blue: I am going to cheat on this. I will be wearing denim. Blue pants or blue shorts

For next year, plan early go all out with this fun outfit:


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